What Is Psychoanalysis?

Psychoanalysis is the original ‘talking’ therapy.

Psychoanalysis, like psychotherapy, involves meeting regularly with a psychoanalyst and speaking about oneself.

Like psychotherapy, psychoanalysis is helpful in treating problems, difficulties and symptoms that seem stubbornly resistant to straightforward solutions – such as intractable depression/anxiety, recurring panic and other troubling repetitive thoughts, feelings and behaviours that we can’t seem to change; inhibitions and inertias that we can’t explain or physical symptoms that don’t respond to medical treatment.

Psychoanalysis examines the presenting symptoms or difficulties and investigates the conscious and unconscious tensions and conflicts that may be influencing them.

Using the method of ‘free association’ (speaking absolutely freely about whatever is on our mind), facilitating the expression of unconscious material and privileging dreams and other unconscious formations, psychoanalysis works to bring what is unconscious into speech, rendering it less problematic.

By exploring the the interplay of conscious and unconscious dynamics woven through the stories of our lives, psychoanalytic treatment can help us discover new solutions to current difficulties or a repositioning to past events, resulting in reduced symptoms and an increased sense of agency and enjoyment.

How Much Does It Cost?

An initial 20 min phone consultation is free of charge.

Subsequent sessions are €70.00.

Missed appointments or appointments cancelled without 48 hours notice will be charged full rate.


Please call me at 087 984 5997 or email me at elinpayne@yahoo.com to arrange a  free initial consultation.

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