About Me


Hello, I’m Elin Payne.
Fully accredited and insured, I’m a Registered Practitioner Member of A.P.P.I. (Association for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy in Ireland) and of the I.C.P. (Irish Council for Psychotherapy).

I’m a member of A.P.P.I.’s Executive Committee and Events Committee.

I practice strictly by A.P.P.I.’s Code of Ethics.

I’ve worked as a therapist since 2008. As well as my private practice, I’ve worked in with mental health, psychiatric and palliative care departments in the HSE (St. Vincent’s University Hospital, The Mater Misercordiae Hospital, The National Maternity Hospital and University Hospital Galway) and with the Galway Rape Crisis Centre.

I have 6 years postgraduate professional training including an H.Dip.(Hons) in Psychoanalytic Studies, an M.A.(Hons) in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (Clinical Specialisation) and 3 years of A.P.P.I. post-Masters training.

I’m active in attending lectures and seminars on issues of mental health and have completed the QPR Suicide Prevention Training Programme and the Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST).

Please call me at 087 984 5997 or email me at elinpayne@yahoo.com to arrange a free initial consultation.

Your call and any communication will be confidential.
Elin Payne    B.A., H.Dip.(Psya), M.A.(Clin.Psyt.), Reg. Pract. A.P.P.I., M.I.C.P.