What Is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a ‘talking’ therapy that can alleviate or resolve mental distress and associated symptoms and promote an increased sense of agency, well being and enjoyment.

Difficult experiences or troubling thoughts, feelings and behaviours can bring us significant distress, affecting our mental and physical health, relationships and work. Sometimes the sources of our distress are not readily apparent, making solutions stubbornly hard to find.

Psychotherapy can be helpful for anyone suffering distress or anguish, feeling ‘stuck’ in some aspect of their lives, experiencing life crises of loss, illness, pregnancy/childbirth, trauma, abuse or living with symptoms of depression, anxiety or other mental health difficulties including diagnosed mental illness.

Psychotherapy is effective in the treatment of distress, problems and symptoms that seem to resist straightforward solutions.

Psychotherapy addresses current difficulties and explores the hidden tensions and unresolved, often unconscious, conflicts that may lie behind them. Working through these issues in regular psychotherapy sessions can release energy and inspire positive change.

How Does It Work?

Psychotherapy involves meeting regularly with a psychotherapist to speak about oneself and one’s concerns in a safe, confidential setting. Psychotherapy sessions are usually scheduled for once or twice a week and last for approximately 50 minutes. Treatment length varies according to individual circumstances.

Personal treatment aims, session frequency and estimated treatment length are discussed during a free initial consultation.

How Much Does It Cost?

An initial 20 min phone consultation is free of charge.

Subsequent sessions are €70.00.

Missed appointments or appointments cancelled without 48 hours notice will be charged full rate.


Please call me at 087 984 5997 or email me at elinpayne@yahoo.com to arrange  a free initial consultation.

Your call and any communication will be confidential.